Is This a Good Time?

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  • Learn how to take control of your electricity consumption at home. 
  • Optimise your electricity usage at the best times i.e. outside the peak hours of 5pm to 7pm or when adequate renewable electricity is available. 
  • Benefit from customised and relevant information on the best times to use your electrical appliance.

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Why should I sign up? 

By signing up to join our pilot we will send you useful hints and tips by email and SMS to help you to take control of your electricity usage.

Click the link below to complete a quick form to join. 

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What is this pilot about?

ESB Networks’ 'Is This a Good Time?’ pilot is about empowering all electricity customers, regardless of energy supplier, to take control of their electricity usage by providing them with relevant and timely information. 

Once signed up, participants will be sent emails and SMS messages that will provide them with simple but effective advice to help shift their electricity consumption to optimal times without changing how they live their lives. 

On days of high peak demand across the country (when demand for electricity surpasses generation), we’ll send opted-in participants an SMS so they’re prepared and can start to take control of their electricity usage at this time. We will also let participants know when there is excess renewable generation available so they can take advantage of available renewable electricity. 

Being more conscious of how and when we use energy is good for each of us individually, and it’s also good for our planet and our society. 


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