Keeping You & your neighbours connected.


Over 1.75 million smart meters have now been installed in households, farms and businesses in Ireland. 

Smart meters transform how electricity is measured and managed; reduce the need for estimated bills and provide customers with greater information about their electricity usage. A smart meter works for you, by providing insights to your electricity usage through your ESB Networks online account giving you more control over your use and bills. This information can also help you make informed choices as to the best tariff that suits your electricity needs. Smart meter customers are benefitting from the new technology including:

  • Over 1 million logins to ESB Networks Online Account to view usage details and take advantage of the online services now available.
  • 1 in 5 customers have now moved onto a smart service or tariff with their supplier. 
  • 99% of smart meter customers no longer receive estimated bills as the new technology provides automatic reads.
  • Customers who generate their own electricity (e.g. solar panels) now receive payment for any excess electricity they sell into the grid.

It’s even easier to arrange for a smart meter to be installed, all you need to do is register here