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ESB Networks Customer Information:

ESB Networks is investing €1.2m to upgrade 10.25km of the electricity network in Cahir and surrounding areas. This upgrade will strengthen and provide a more resilient network for customers, ensure more protection against severe weather events and overall, provide a better quality of service for over 900 customers in the surrounding area. 

In order to facilitate the network upgrades, ESB Networks is informing customers that planned outages are scheduled to take place from Monday 27th May. The work will take place on an area-by area basis over a five week period.   

All customers impacted by planned outages have been or will be notified in advance via post with the time and date of the outage in their locality, updates on the status of the outage can be viewed on  

Status updates and estimated restoration times of outages are available on     

As part of ESB Networks’ strategy, we are significantly investing in our infrastructure to provide our customers with a more resilient network. 

ESB Networks apologises for any inconvenience caused.