Keeping You & your neighbours connected.


ESB Networks has today announced that it has successfully installed 1.5 million smart meters in homes, farms and businesses in every county across Ireland. This milestone also includes the safe connection of over 100,000 new builds with a smart meter to the electricity network. 

The National Smart Metering Programme (NSMP), which commenced in late 2019, is on track to complete the installation of over 2 million meters in early 2025. The rollout recently expanded to include the upgrade of Day/Night meters thereby ensuring these customers will also have access to the benefits of smart meters.  

 A new smart meter reduces the need for estimated bills and allows customers to see how and when they use electricity, directly through the ESB Networks Online Account. This can help customers use electricity more efficiently, reduce consumption or choose a suitable smart meter tariff from their supplier, which allows customers to have more control over their electricity costs. 

 Other benefits include access to the microgeneration scheme, in which currently over 55,000 customers who generate their own electricity (via solar panels etc.) receive payments for any excess electricity they sell onto the network. In addition, smart meters will improve network services to customers in areas through fault monitoring and the prioritisation of system improvements nationally.