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ESB Networks would like to remind all customers to be vigilant of fraudulent phishing attempts. ESB Networks will never send you text messages, calls or emails with a link to a log in page to a website which asks you to share personal details such as bank details, one-time passcodes or personal information. 

Phishing emails, calls or text messages may circulate randomly from time to time pretending to come from ESB Networks. These calls, emails or text messages would appear to be phishing attempts - a scam where fraudulent emails, text messages are sent, or calls are made to people in an attempt to trick them into revealing personal or financial information.

 If someone was to reply or click on any of the links or attachments in these emails or text messages, they will be taken to a fake page which will try to deceive them into entering personal information such as a username, password, credit card or bank account information. Similarly, a phone caller may try to trick a customer into giving their bank details in return for a special offer or rebate.

 They may contain realistic-looking logos, official-sounding text and familiar branding. They may also link to exact clones of official web pages. However, these emails, calls or text messages are fraudulent and have nothing to do with ESB Networks.