Retrospective Micro-Generation Registration Process

Retrospective Micro-Generation Registration Process 


We are aware that some properties have Micro-Generators installed which were never registered with ESB Networks. Registration for Micro-Generation is a requirement and is facilitated on a simple  “inform and fit” basis where any safety issues associated with the operation of generation in parallel with ESB Networks are addressed through the use of Type Tested Equipment, with correct protection settings, correctly installed by Safe Electric installers, in full compliance with our safety requirements, as set out in our Micro-Generation connection policy and in accordance with the applicable NSAI Wiring Regulations.

Submission of an NC6 Notification Form PDF | 135 KB prior to installation is critical as it gives ESB Networks the opportunity to verify that the necessary requirements have been met so that the installation and connection can proceed safely, unless we notify the customer that there is a problem. Consequently, unregistered generators are not eligible for market payments. 

This new retrospective registration process will facilitate customers who have Micro-Generation installed but where an NC6 Form has not yet been submitted. While this new process does not generally require installation of new protection settings or a more up to date inverter, we do need the customer to provide a completed NC6 Notification Form PDF | 135 KB for their Micro-Generation installation verifying the following: 

a. That it has been installed by a Safe Electric installer in accordance with ESB Networks requirements at the time and in accordance with applicable NSAI Wiring Regulations. 

b. That the equipment is suitable for connection to the ESB Networks system, which in short means that it was produced to either EN 50438 or EN50549 standards, and was type tested to either of these standards. 

c. That the Protection Settings on the unit (which shut it down safely in the event of a fault and before any dangerous occurrence) are as required by ESB Networks at the time of installation. 

d. That additional details as per NC6 Notification Form PDF | 135 KB which include details of the power level in kVA of the unit are provided

1 For clarity, a new version of the ‘Conditions Governing the Connection and Operation of Micro-Generation was introduced on 17/12/2021 and which had new Protection Settings. However, a grace period was installed up until 28/1/2022 during which the pre-17/12/2022 Protection Settings would continue to be accepted.  While the Protection Settings for EN50438 and EN50549 on units installed prior to January 28th 2022 are identical, in the case of EN50438 they were set by the Manufacturer whereas for EN50549, the Safe Electric Installer would have set them.   

The following information will help you to complete the NC6 Notification Form PDF 135 | KB to ensure you can retrospectively apply for a Maximum Export Capacity (MEC).   


Settings for Micro-Generation


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