I have a smart meter what's next?

Your new Smart Meter

Once installed, your new smart meter will establish its connection to ESB Networks secure communications network over the next 30 days.  When this process is completed your meter will be read remotely, and you will then be able to access new smart services offered by electricity suppliers.  These smart services will vary across different electricity suppliers. To find out more, and to access these services contact your current supplier or any other electricity supplier.

The benefits of your new smart meter

Smart meters bring benefits to customers, the environment and the economy. Your smart meter gives you greater control over your electricity consumption by allowing you to access new smart services offered by electricity supply companies. 

Customers who avail of these services can achieve greater, more efficient control over their electricity consumption. Information provided by these services allow customers to make best use of their appliances by moving some of their consumption to times of the day when electricity is cheaper.

Smart meters facilitate new services, including Time of Use (ToU) for example, Day/Night/Peak Standard Smart Tariff, which all electricity supply companies now offer. Shifting some usage away from the peak hours (5pm – 7pm) also reduces the need for the electricity grid to use additional power generation to meet higher demand at that time. 

How do I activate smart services? 

Once your meter has established its connection, you should contact your current supplier or any other electricity supplier to enquire about their smart services and discuss the most appropriate Time of Use tariff for you. 

How do I read my meter? 

The digital display screen on your smart meter shows your current meter reading in kilowatt-hours (kWh). To read the new meter, note the figures on the screen before “kWh” from left to right, including all digits. 

Further information on how to read your meter’s additional screens is available here.

To find out more about the programme visit our FAQ page here.


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