The National Smart Metering Programme

The National Smart Metering Programme was established by the Commission for the Regulation of Utilities (CRU) and involves the upgrading of Ireland’s electricity meters by ESB Networks to next generation smart meters.

To date over 1.6 million smart meters have been installed across Ireland. The upgrade which began in 2019 is bringing benefits to the customer, the environment and the economy. 

  • Customers benefit from greater access to information about their electricity usage enabling them to make informed choices on their consumption and tariff options.
  • The environment benefits because smart metering supports an increase in renewable power on the electricity system, helping to cut CO2 emissions.
  • The economy benefits because using smart meters will help ESB Networks to manage the network more efficiently and to find faults quicker.

Smart meters  allow customers that generate their own electricity using microgeneration, such as solar panels, to receive payment for any excess they sell into the grid. To date over 55,000 microgeneration customers are benefiting from having a smart meter. 

We have recently launched a Customer Portal My ESB Networks Online Account which allows customers with a smart meter to view their electricity usage online.  This is another step in helping customers to take more control of their electricity and choose from a range of smart price plans which are being offered by electricity suppliers.

The programme is being delivered in partnership with the Department of the Environment, Climate and Communications, the Commission for Regulation of Utilities, the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland and electricity suppliers


Smart Meter Upgrade Programme

Overview of Smart Metering Programme in Ireland


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