The National Smart Metering Programme

The National Smart Metering Programme was established by the Commission for the Regulation of Utilities (CRU) and is the delivery plan for the roll out of smart meters across Ireland. ESB Networks has been tasked with the delivery of the roll out programme, which involves upgrading all of Ireland’s electricity meters to smart meters.

Ireland’s smart meter upgrade programme is part of the national Climate Action plan. Smart meters will support Ireland's transition to a low carbon future by enabling the development of smart grids, and supporting the electrification of heat and transport, local renewable generation and microgeneration. Electricity supply companies have begun to offer new smart products and services, which enables you to shift some of your consumption to times of the day when electricity is cheaper.

Since February 26th, 2021, customers that have a smart meter can avail of new smart electricity products being offered by electricity supply companies. These products provide customers with more information on their energy usage and allows them to move some of their consumption to times of the day when electricity is cheaper. Smart meters are read remotely which significantly reduces the need for estimated bills resulting in more accurate billing.  

Deployment of smart meters began in autumn 2019 and to date 1 million meters meters have been installed across the country. Smart meters are being installed on a regional basis and we will give you plenty of notice when we are coming to your area. Since January 2020 smart meters have been used for all new general domestic 24-hr connections and fault repairs.

Smart Meter Upgrade Programme

Overview of Smart Metering Programme in Ireland


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