Freedom of Information

Freedom of Information

From the 14th October 2015, the Freedom of Information Act 2014 applies to ESB Networks DAC in its capacity as the licensed Distribution System Operator.

The Freedom of Information Act 2014 (FOI Act) provides that every person has the following legal rights:

  • The right to access records held by FOI bodies (as defined in the FOI Act);
  • The right to have personal information held on them by an FOI body corrected or updated where such information is incomplete, incorrect or misleading; 
  • The right to be given reasons for decisions taken by FOI bodies that affect them.

Your FOI request should include the following:

  • A statement that the request is being made under the Freedom of Information Act;
  • As much information as possible about the requested records relating to the Distribution System Operator’s Licensed functions
  • In what form or manner you wish to receive any records released (e.g. photocopies)
  • Your contact information.

Please note that proof of identity is required in the case of an FOI request for personal information.

For more information see Freedom of Information

Contact Details

ESB Networks DAC. Freedom of Information Office:

Phone: +1800372757


FOI Office,
ESB Networks DAC.,
4th Floor,
3 Gateway,
East Wall Road,
Dublin 3