Severe Weather Outages

Safety during stormy conditions

Storms can cause downed or damaged power lines, fallen live wires, fires and power outages. This page contains important advice and contact details for customers.

Staying in touch during storms

Our crews work to restore electricity to affected areas as soon as is safely possible following severe weather. That means that in severe storms, work may not begin immediately. Whatever the conditions, we will make every effort to give you as much information as possible, including when you can expect your electricity service to be restored.

Severe Weather Outages

Storm Safety Tips

  • Collect torches, extra batteries and mobile phone.
  • Have our Emergency telephone number 1800 372 999 to hand.
  • Have your MPRN (on your bill) ready so that we can identify your exact network.
  • Register on the Medical Register if you have restricted mobility or use electrical home medical equipment.
  • Switch off all appliances EXCEPT fridge and freezer.
  • If you are, or know of any vulnerable customers, register with your electricity supplier as a vulnerable customer for additional support.

Using a Stand-by Generator

Check with your registered electrical contractor about the special rules that apply to the installation of stand-by generators.

Losing Power in a Storm

Watch our video on what to do if you lose power during a major storm, and how to contact us in an emergency.

Do not TOUCH or APPROACH damaged electricity poles or wires.Call 1800 372 999 or 999 or 112 instead
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