ESB Networks' Customer Charter

ESB Networks is the division of ESB responsible for building and maintaining the electricity network throughout Ireland. You come into contact with ESB Networks when you need to get an electricity connection for a new home or business, when you report a fault, or if you have a query regarding your meter installation.

We have invested more than €6bn in refurbishing and upgrading the national electricity network over the last 10 years. This has further improved and strengthened the electricity network countrywide, providing a world class infrastructure to support Ireland’s continued economic development. This work has also considerably enhanced the security of electricity supply to our customers. 

We remain committed to putting the need of our customers first. This is reflected in our 12 Service Guarantees (PDF | 1 MB) in our ESB Networks Customer Charter

Our 12 Service Guarantees

The initiatives in this plan support our commitment to providing the highest quality customer service as set out in our Customer Charter (PDF | 1 MB). It outlines the targets our staff are expected to meet or beat when providing you with the range of ESB Networks related services. Please Contact Us if you are not satisfied that we have delivered our service in accordance with these guarantees. Our commitment is such that we are prepared to make a payment to you if we don't meet a guarantee.