Electricity Safety at Home

General Safety Tips

For your safety, do not interfere with the sealed main fuse and meter units provided by ESB Networks.

  • Spot and replace frayed wires, loose connections or damaged plugs immediately
  • Always switch off and unplug electrical items when not in use
  • Unwind extension leads fully to avoid overheating
  • Don’t overload sockets with adaptors or extension blocks
  • Test your trip switch or residual current device (RCD) twice yearly (when the clocks change) by pushing the test button
  • Test your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms twice yearly (when the clocks change)
  • Always use a registered Electrical Contractor to carry out electrical work
electricity poles and wires

Outdoor Safety Tips

  • Always check for overhead electricity wires
  • Never approach or touch fallen electricity wires. They may be live.
  • Never attach anything to an electricity pole or wire
  • Don't carry out work near overhead wires or poles.

Explore more safety tips below

For emergency help, contact the ESB Networks 24 hour Emergency Number1800 372 999

Surge Protection

All electricity networks are occasionally subject to variations in voltage due to lightning, storms or other causes of damage. Your own electrical installation can also sometimes cause voltage variations. These variations may interfere with the effective functioning of sensitive appliances or equipment.

You can use a surge protection device or SPD to protect sensitive electronic equipment

  • Ask your registered Electrical Contractor to install an SPD on your distribution board or
  • Use a socket board/extension lead with built -in SPD - available widely from good retailers.
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