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Consultation on Interim Clean Export Guarantee (CRU21117)_ESB Networks response 29.10.2021

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Deed of Undertakings between ESB and ESB Networks DAC

Undertakings from ESB to ESB Networks DAC supporting DSO licence requirements.

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Distribution Code Version 8

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ESB Networks Distribution Annual performance Report 2019

The report covers the performance of ESB Networks’ Distribution Business for the year ending December 2019.

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Investment Planning and Delivery Report 2020

This document is a joint TAO/TSO report between ESB Networks and EirGrid which looks at our performance in planning investments and ultimately delivering transmission system projects in 2020.

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Modification Proposal #59 - Solar PV Signal Requirements

CRU has approved Modification No. 59 of the Distribution Code, which makes changes to Solar PV signal requirements.

Effective Date 04/11/2022.

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Power Generating Module Document (PGMD) for Controllable Power Park Modules (PPMs) - Topology 2

Step by step connection guide of pre and post energisation requirements for DSO wind and solar PV generators 1MW and above which are Topology 2 (includes DSO reactive power requirements). EU Network Code 2016/631 on Requirements for Generator refers.

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Schedule of Approved O&M Charges 2022

This document outlines the Operation and Maintenance Charges that apply to Generators, Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and Auto-producer customers.

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SGU KORRR Decision Paper_Ireland

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Apprenticeship Brochure

This pdf contains information about entry requirements for an Electrical/Network Technician Apprenticeship in ESB Networks . It also has details on interview tips and how to apply.

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Consultation on proposed direction on data centres (CRU21060)_ESBN response submitted to CRU 07.07.2021

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ESB Networks Annual Performance Report 2018

The report covers the performance of ESB Networks’ Distribution Business for the year ending December 2018.

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