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Public Consultation on the ESB Networks Distribution Annual Performance Report 2021

Dear Customer,

ESB Networks, in its capacity as Distribution System Operator, today is publishing for consultation the draft, ESB Networks Distribution Annual Performance Report 2021, which will cover ESB Networks Distribution Network activities for 2021. The report is intended to provide customers, industry participants and other interested parties with a clear, accessible, comprehensive, but non-technical report on Distribution performance in the calendar year.

Consultation Question

Do you have any comments on the ESB Networks Distribution Annual Performance Report 2021?

Next Steps

The consultation period will run for four weeks and will close on the 23rd November 2022. When the consultation closes, ESB Networks will review and consider all the comments and publish a final version pending CRU approval.

Interested stakeholder’s views are invited and can be sent to

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2018 Batch (ECP-1) Results - Joint SO Publication July2020

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2020 Batch (ECP-2.1) Results - Joint SO_Publication_July 2022

Final Results ECP-2.1 Category A Batch.

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Community-led Renewable Energy Projects Guide

This guide has been prepared by ESB Networks to support customers in connecting a community-led renewable energy project to the electricity network. The objective is to provide our customers with helpful information relating to the ECP-2 connection process and the policies that underpin community-led renewable energy projects.

For further queries, please contact our Community-Led Renewable Energy Liaison Panel at

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Conditions Governing the Connection and Operation of Micro-generation policy | 518 KB

This document explains the conditions to be followed for connecting and operating a Micro-Generator.

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Conditions Governing the Connection and Operation of Mini-Generation

This document provides information for LV connected demand customers, with an installed generation capacity up to an installed capacity of 72 A single-phase (c. 17 kVA) or 72 A per phase three-phase (c. 50 kVA), termed "Mini-Generation".

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Consultation on Proposals for Implementing SGU Requirements re Data Exchange

25.01.2019 On the 14th September 2017, the Commission Regulation (EU) 2017/1485 establishing a guideline on electricity transmission system operation (SO GL) entered into force. Article 40(6) of SO GL required all TSOs to agree on Key Organisational Requirements, Roles and Responsibilities (KORRR) relating to Data Exchange. KORRR was approved by the All Regulatory Authority on 19th December 2018, and will serve as the basis for what TSOs, DSOs and Significant Grid Users (SGUs) will need to do to comply with Articles 41 to 53 of SO GL. TSOs, DSOs and SGUs will need to comply with KORRR from 14th March 2019.

SGUs are the target audience of this consultation. SGUs are as defined under Article 2(1) of SO GL, which are;

(a) existing and new power generating modules that are, or would be, classified as type B, C and D in accordance with the criteria set out in Article 5 of Commission Regulation (EU) 2016/631;

(b) existing and new transmission-connected demand facilities;

(c) existing and new transmission-connected closed distribution systems;

(d) existing and new demand facilities, closed distribution systems and third parties if they provide demand response directly to the TSO in accordance with the criteria in Article 27 of Commission Regulation (EU) 2016/1388;

(e) providers of redispatching of power generating modules or demand facilities by means of aggregation and providers of active power reserve in accordance with Title 8 of Part IV of SO GL; and

(f) existing and new high voltage direct current (‘HVDC’) systems in accordance with the criteria in Article 3(1) of Commission Regulation (EU) 2016/1447.

The requirements of KORRR apply to new and existing SGUs.

Under Article 40(5) of SO GL, the TSO is required to co-ordinate with DSOs and SGUs within its Observability Area on the applicability and scope of data exchange. Also, under Article 40(7) each TSO is to reach an agreement with relevant DSOs on the processes and formats of data exchange between them. The purpose of this consultation is:

  • To define the TSO’s and DSO’s proposed applicability and scope of KORRR.
  • To enable the accurate incorporation of SGU interactions under KORRR to the TSO-DSO agreement.
  • To provide SGUs with clear information of the TSO’s and DSO’s proposed SGU commitments under KORRR, and a mechanism for SGUs to provide feedback to the TSO and DSO ahead of the TSO-DSO agreement in March 201

Current data exchange practices are already largely aligned with KORRR. As a result, the proposals in this KORRR consultation align with current practices and the requirements of the Grid Code and Distribution Code. EirGrid is seeking your feedback on a number of proposals which reflect this, with the below documents available for download:

KORRR SGU Consultation – Ireland
Copy of KORRR-SGU-Consultation-Response-Template_Ireland

The consultation runs from 25 January 2019 to 17:00 close of business 25 February 2019 inclusive.

We look forward to receiving your feedback and will use it to inform our submissions to the Commission for Regulation of Utilities. A response template has been provided to facilitate this feedback (see number 3 above). Please email your submission by 17:00 25 February 2019 to   with the subject title "KORRR SGU Consultation".

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Correspondence from ESB Networks with regard to connection methods

This correspondence sets out the deadlines within which connection method suggestions have to be submitted to the System Operators (SO's) to ensure that they can be included in connection method studies.

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Customer Connection Method Sub Group Meetings Schedule

The customer connection method sub-group meetings are the primary connection method discussion vehicle for customers, this document is a revised schedule for these meetings.

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Details on processing applications outside of GPA.

This document outlines the steps by which an application is processed which is not the normal GPA, it also includes factors that make an eligible non GPA application.

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DSO Connected-Energised Non-Wind Generators Q4 2022

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