PowerCheck Guidelines

Safety Tip :Fallen Electricity Wires are live and dangerous. Never approach or touch them. Call our emergency service immediately on 1800 372 999 or 999 or 112

Important update if you have the PowerCheck downloadable App on your device

PowerCheck has been updated recently however the downloadable app is not maintained and will be removed from the stores.  Please delete this app from your device as it no longer gives you outage information.  You will see the outage map displayed with no outages and you will receive a prompt advising there is an issue communicating with the server.

PowerCheck is a mobile responsive site and available through browsers such as Safari, Firefox, Chrome and Edge and can be accessed on mobile, tablet or desktop devices.  A handy tip is to bookmark the website, so it's there should you need it.

PowerCheck Guidelines

We're here 24/7
1800 372 999
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1800 372 757
Mon - Fri | 08:30 to 18:00 | Sat | 08:30 to 13:30