Information on Outages

Our Distribution system is extremely robust but may suffer damage from storms and wind borne debris.   If you see or know of damaged lines or Network DO NOT TOUCH DO NOT GO NEAR  ring us immediately on 1850 372 999. 

Emergency Contact

1850 372 999

(24 hour / 7 day service)

+353 21 2382410

(outside Republic of Ireland)

Check for Latest Updates

Check our section on  Latest Updates  during bad weather. Alternatively, see Networks Powercheck  for further updates on faults and planned outages.

Vulnerable Customer Policy

Vulnerable Customers

Supporting the needs of customers most vulnerable to the loss of electricity supply is a key priority for ESB Networks.  Read how we support Vulnerable Customers in the event of a power outage.

Live line crew working

Planned Outages

Sometimes we need to interrupt your supply to carry out essential maintenance. This is called a planned outage or planned supply interruption.  

Further information is available here.

Be Prepared

Electricity faults can and will occur and It is important to be prepared.

We have outlined useful information that we advise all our customers to be aware of in advance of any power outages


Real-Time Information

ESB PowerCheck provides Real Time Fault Information on all major faults. Check your area for faults here. It is also available as a mobile app.

ESB PowerCheck iPhone App

ESB PowerCheck Android App