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Stakeholder Engagement Planned Activities 2024

You can view all of our Stakeholder Engagement 'Public Consultations', 'Publications' and 'Pathways to engagement' listings here:

Public Consultations Listing 2024 | Download PDF 72 KB  - Planned ESB Networks Public Consultations for 2024

Publications Stakeholder Listing 2024 |Download PDF 113 KB  - Reports/Information/Booklets/data sharing on ESB Networks website in 2024 

Pathways to Engagement | Download PDF 120KB - Planned ESB Networks Meetings/Forums/Working groups, Webinars 2024 


Learn more about our recent stakeholder engagement activity here

ESBN Stakeholder Newsletter Spring 2023

Powering the Change:  Empowering Community-led  Renewable Energy Projects

In this webinar session we focus on communities seeking to develop community-led renewable energy projects and connecting these to the electricity system.  We hear from leading experts on how this sector is evolving as communities are empowered to develop and connect renewable energy projects to the distribution electricity network.

Powering the Change: Enabling Low Carbon Society through Electrification of Heat & Transport

In this webinar session we look at the level of ambition required to enable the electrification of heat and transport and the low carbon society.

Powering the Change: The distribution network - investing in a low carbon future

In this webinar session we look at the distribution investment required at both European and Irish level to power the low carbon future, with insights from Eurelectric and EDSO's 'Distribution Grid Investment' study and a further discussion on what this investment will mean for customers and citizens across Europe and Ireland.

Powering the Change: Collective Action for Climate Action

In this webinar session we look at how the system operators will work together with key stakeholders to address climate change - enabling the greater connection of renewable generation to the electricity network and the use of clean electricity to drive carbon out of heat, transport and the economy.

Powering the Change: Empowering the Active Energy Citizen and Energy Communities

In this webinar session we look at the actions and activities required to support and empower active energy citizenship and put this into context by exploring real-life examples of active energy communities in Ireland.

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