ESB Networks’ Board

ESB Networks DAC was incorporated on 8 December 2008 as a wholly owned subsidiary company of ESB. ESB Networks DAC was vested as Distribution System Operator on 1 January 2009 in accordance with the European Communities Regulations 2008 (S.I. 280 of 2008). It is responsible for the operation, maintenance and development of the electricity distribution system in the State.

ESB Networks DAC has its own board which currently consists of 6 members. The Articles of Association of ESB Networks DAC specify that two directors shall not be employees, contractors or consultants of ESB or its subsidiary companies and shall be independent of the interests of ESB. Ms Gina Quin and Mr Des Geraghty were appointed as independent directors pursuant to this requirement.

 Role Name
 Chairman  Jerry O'Sullivan
 Directors  Marguerite Sayers
   John Redmond
   Gina Quin
   Des Geraghty
 Company Secretary  John Redmond

 Table 1 - ESB Networks' Board