Network Improvement Programme Update

The Network Improvement Programme is a project which involves the upgrade of the network, from poles and wires, to substations and mini pillars. In order to continue the replacement of parts of the network, it may require outages for local customers for short periods while key elements of the network are safely being up-graded.


What is the benefit of the Network Improvement Programme?

This programme will improve the safety, capacity, reliability and resilience of the network which means a stronger electricity network that can stand up to severe weather conditions.
This will mean less unplanned and prolonged outages. By increasing the capacity of the network, it means that we can connect more new homes and businesses as well ensuring capacity to enable the electrification of heat and transport. 


Planned Outages in January 2021: 

Only ESB Networks activities deemed essential will continue during Covid-19 Level 5 Restrictions. These essential activities include ensuring the electricity network remains safe, secure and reliable for our 2.3 million customers. In certain circumstances power outages may occur and are unavoidable. Customers impacted will receive a postcard at least 2 days in advance. We apologise for any inconveniences cause.

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