The Journey

National Network, Local Connections Timeline

COLLABORATION How We Deliver : By listening to our people, industry, customers and communities PHASE 1: High Level
    Design & Rollout Plan PHASE 2A: Piloting, in parallel with detailed design and builds. PHASE 2B: Full rollout & Scaling PHASE 3: Building towards 2030 2021 2022 2024 2026 2030

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Access and Awareness

We look at how we create an active energy system in collaboration with a wide range of stakeholders.  This part of the programme specifically refers to

  • 2030 Power System Requirements
  • Local Visibility Plan
  • Consultation Framework
  • Piloting


We will establish how we will optimise the system for renewable, customer and community participation.  This part of the programme specifically refers to 

  • Data, Control and Signals Guidance
  • Platforms and Dashboards Roadmap
  • Operations Systems Roadmap

Market Design

We will bring flexibility to the systems by reimagining market arrangements.  This part of the programme refers specifically to 

  • Market Flexibility Plan
  • First Call to Tender
  • Residential Roadmap
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