Flexibility Services

Flexibility Network Solutions 

  • To meet our evolving customer needs, we are developing smarter, more flexible network solutions to help reduce the need for traditional reinforcement and reduce costs for our customers. 
  • We recognise that customers connected to our network could provide services to assist in key areas that have specific challenges during periods of network congestion.
  • We are exploring flexibility markets for our customers who are able and willing to take control of how much electricity they generate or consume.

Flexibility pilot objectives

  • Develop an understanding of customers’ needs, barriers, and motivations to participate in the flexibility services.
  • Implement effective processes for managing a range of different services solutions operating together, to enable “stacking” of services.
  • Launch and test new processes for coordinating transmission and distribution operations, including operational protocols and data exchange.
  • Develop and test a preliminary market management system.

Pilot of Scale

In 2023, we are seeking to go live with a pilot of scale. This would involve procurement of, and contracting for, a range of flexibility services from all kinds of customers, across an area of the network fed from a single bulk supply point (BSP).

The first tender under the Pilot of Scale is the Mullingar BSP and this covers Mullingar and the surrounding area.

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How to get involved?

This tender will initially be for Flexibility services commencing delivery in Q4 2023. We will be publishing a map of our flexibility needs in the coming weeks. Tender details can be found on www.etenders.gov.ie with reference number D20/CON/916.

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