ESB Networks' Stakeholder Engagement Strategy


ESB Networks serves all electricity customers. We provide safe and reliable electricity to over 2 million customers in homes, businesses and communities right across Ireland and we are proud of our record of service for over 90 years. Today, our electricity network is evolving to support Ireland’s transition to low carbon through electrification. Throughout this transition, we will work to make sure that our customers remain at the centre of everything we do.

We understand that an open and on going dialogue with our customers and stakeholders is essential. This is particularly important when the demands on the electricity system are changing. We know that delivering access to secure, affordable and sustainable energy for our customers is fundamental. But we also understand that only by listening and engaging with our customers can we truly reflect their needs and preferences in how we develop the network and services that we deliver.

We hope that our Stakeholder Engagement Framework and Plan will help us in ESB Networks to evolve and enhance our relationship with our many customers and stakeholders.