​Working with the Transmission System Operator

Working with the TSO

Safe operation of the electricity network in Ireland means that the distribution system and transmission system work together in a co-ordinated way so that the needs of all customers are met. The two systems will host over 8GW of renewable intermittent generation by 2030 which will require even stronger coordination between the Distribution System Operator (DSO) and the Transmission System Operator (TSO). Part of this will be the use of sophisticated ICT platforms and flexibility to deliver secure, sustainable and cost effective energy to all our customers. To do this the TSO, EirGrid, requires support services from generation customers and from demand customers most of whom are connected to the distribution system. 

Delivering a Secure Sustainable Electricity System (DS3)

ESB Networks is already facilitating our customers to provide these services in DS3. The number of service providers on the distribution network is currently low but the requirements for flexibility, in the form of flexible generation, DSR and energy storage, will see an increase in the amount of these service providers on the distribution network. In addition to active power management we are also working to facilitate provision of reactive power from the distribution system to the transmission system in response to network, customer and TSO requirements. This is being achieved by installing sophisticated control systems in existing HV substations and managing these systems from our Distribution Control Centres.

These challenges and opportunities will require us to work ever more closely with our flexibility and TSO partners to deliver appropriate solutions.