​Network Resilience

Network Resilience

The investment in our network over the last 20 years has resulted in continuity of supply to our customers improving by more than 60%.

As our climate continues to change we must ensure that we continue to invest in making our network resilient to the changing weather patterns and more intense storms that we have seen over recent years.

Strong and reliable service

We must also ensure that our network is resilient enough to support our customers who will be using more electricity as they electrify heat and transport in their personal lives to support Ireland’s journey towards a clean energy system. Our network must be reliable and have enough capacity to enable this customer transition to a more electrified lifestyle. 

This will require that we continue to build and maintain our network to high standards. We will also have to invest in more monitoring and sensing technology to provide us with detailed data about the performance of or assets. This data allows us to make decisions and to create data and business intelligence platforms which will use this rich data asset to help us keep the network strong and reliable. Sharing our focus between fixed assets and sensing and data assets needs a new competence and focus on keeping the data and IT systems resilient to failure and intrusion.