​Flexibility on our Networks

Flexibility on our Networks

We have developed our network over the last 90 years to facilitate our customers using electricity in ways to support their lifestyles. We are committed to continual development of our network to allow our customers to use electricity in varied ways in response to changing environmental, technological and commercial incentives. Over the last 20 years we have changed the nature of how the electricity network works by connecting large numbers of generators to the distribution system. We have built assets and control systems to ensure that the network works safely and efficiently for all customers while facilitating the increased penetration of renewables in an affordable way.

Maximising Capacity

Our vision for the future is to maximise the capacity of our existing network to allow all of our customers the maximum level of flexibility in terms of how much, how often and when they use electricity at the lowest possible cost. We will build new network to serve new customers to a standard that allows full flexibility in an efficient and timely manner.

Our customers will engage with technologies such as eHeat, eTransport, domestic storage, and domestic level generation. We will work to ensure that our network can support the wide range of customer requirements as efficiently as possible. These technologies will enable our customers to partake in an energy market where they can contribute to managing climate change by decarbonising our energy system, and they can share in the commercial benefits of this participation. It is our role to facilitate flexible customer behaviours by ensuring that the network has sufficient capacity and is as safe and reliable as possible.

ESB Networks will take a leadership role in Demand Side Management in Ireland. We will develop our network to facilitate participation of all customers in future Demand Response services or markets. It is forecast that there will be 2,500MW of demand side response capability in our customers’ premises by 2030.  We will invest in new control systems and assets to allow all of this capability to offer needed services to the energy system in Ireland.