​​​Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement

ESB Networks is proud to serve all 2.3 million industrial, commercial and domestic customers in Ireland and to provide them with safe and reliable electricity to power their homes, businesses and communities.

We have a proud tradition of serving our customers and the community for over 90 years, and as the energy industry changes, ESB Networks will ensure our customers remain at the centre of everything we do.  

​Customer Touchpoints

ESB Networks’ staff have thousands of daily touchpoints with our customers. We have over 2,000 field staff who work in the community on a daily basis and our 24 hour National Customer Contact Centre (NCCC) deals with over 1.8 million customer contacts annually. We understand that customers want to communicate with us in different ways and at times that suit them. We aim to support our customer’s desire to quickly access our services and we will continue to use new technologies and digital channels to improve the customer experience.  

ESB Group is a strong and recognisable brand on the island of Ireland, Europe and worldwide through our international work. 

As part of our Innovation Strategy our focus will be developing communication strategies to showcase our brand and our innovation projects to key stakeholders.

With 2.3m customers, customer service is at the heart of ESB Networks’ business. Our engagement with customers can include reporting an emergency (such as a fallen wire), information on power outages, applying for a new connection or a service alteration or giving a meter reading.

ESB Networks continuously monitors its suite of communication channels to make sure they are meeting evolving customer needs. We are currently adding the following additional services for our customers:

  • Updated PowerCheck App
  • SMS Messaging for outage notification
  • New online services including web chat
  • New email service within the NCCC

At ESB Networks, we want to ensure that we are continually assessing and meeting our customer needs. The 2017-2020 Customer Service Improvement Plan (CSIP) will set out our commitments to service improvements over the next 3 years.

ESB Networks has over 3,000 staff with 2,000 of these work directly with customers every day, in towns across the country. Our staff will be fully engaged in delivering our commitments to customers and acting as brand ambassadors in their daily customer interactions.

Ongoing customer engagement and feedback is a vital part of our customer service as it allows the company to listen to customers, understand more about their needs and ensure that the priorities for the company match the priorities for the customer. 

Our research scores are very high for our industry, we currently have an overall customer satisfaction level of 81% (RedC July 2017). Our methodology and questions are continually reviewed to ensure we are tracking the right data to deliver the insight led strategy. 

ESB Networks has large number of customer contacts on a daily basis. Events such as the National Ploughing Championships (NPC) also provide an opportunity to engage with our customers and showcase our customer service, safety and innovation. For example in 2016 at the NPC we showcased virtual reality, the world’s first subsea cable repair system, fibre splicing demonstrations and a working model of a future network display. 

As part of the Innovation Strategy we will organise more events and roadshows across the country to bring ESB Network‘s Innovation story to our stakeholders and our customers.

As a world class electricity utility, ESB Networks has some of the leading engineers and energy experts in Ireland and as the DSO (Distribution System Operator) in Ireland, has a crucial role to play in shaping the future of the energy industry in the country. 

As part of its Leadership Visibility Programme, ESB Networks Senior Managers will be proactive in creating forums where these debates can take place including industry conferences, attending and speaking at seminars and meeting with key industry stakeholders.