Our Ambassadors

ESB Networks Dingle Project 2019


In order to help us to look at how we can future-proof the electricity network for the benefit of homes, farms and businesses in Dingle we have chosen 5 ambassadors to help us explore energy efficiency measures which can help us all move towards a low carbon future.   Each ambassador will receive the following technologies installed in their home:

  1. Electric Vehicle Chargepoint
  2. ASHP (Air Source Heat Pump)
  3. Rooftop Solar PV
  4. Controllable Immersion
  5. Smart Circuit Breaker
  6. Smart Meter
  7. Battery Storage System
  8. Smart Living Gateway (IoT Hub in Home)

We would like the Dingle community to learn from the new technologies that will be installed as part of the Dingle Project, therefore ambassadors will required to take part in publicity for the project. This will include (but will not be limited to) social media support, radio interviews, photography and filming.
ESB Networks will need to have control of some devices installed as part of the ambassador programme in order to test new systems and control. Ambassadors will always be kept informed of the work that ESB Networks is doing.

The ambassador programme will run for 3 years and candidates must commit to the full length of the programme. Applications are now closed.