A Smarter Network For a Brighter Future

Dingle Project


We are delighted to be bringing an exciting new project to Dingle over the coming years, which will look at what the smart electricity network of the future might look like.

The electricity industry in Ireland is undergoing unprecedented change, facilitating our country’s transition to a low carbon energy system, while providing secure supplies of “green” and affordable energy to our homes and businesses. ESB Networks is committed to supporting this change through an increase in renewable generation connections and distributed energy sources as well as the electrification of heat and transport, all of which requires complex integration with the existing electricity grid – the integrated grid.

In Dingle, ESB Networks aims to work with the local community to play a key role in discovering what opportunities the future of energy can unlock for the people of Ireland. We will be installing smart devices on our network to help us to monitor and predict the network events better, to ensure less outages and more resilience on our network. We will work with local businesses and communities to explore energy efficiency measures which can help us all move towards a low carbon future.