Electrification of Heat and Transport

At ESB Networks we are committed to enabling Ireland’s transition to a secure and affordable low carbon future. The distribution system is evolving to facilitate the drive towards a low-carbon energy system where 70% of the electricity generated comes from renewable sources by 2030. This will require the connection of up to 14 GW of renewable generation to the transmission and distribution networks. The distribution network will need to be able to cater for up to 936,000 electric vehicles on our roads and 600,000 homes that are equipped with eheat technology such as heat pumps.

The electrification of heat and transport uses clean electricity to drive carbon, in the form of fossil fuels, out of heat, transport and the economy. Electrification will prove to be one of the most economic and practical ways to meet Ireland’s decarbonisation targets. By 2030, the decarbonisation of electricity and the smart management of networks will be underpinned by 4 GW of battery storage and customer flexibility much of which will be connected via the distribution network.

ESB Networks is enabling the electrification of heat and transport through innovation, developing the network to meet these new demands, without compromising our customers’ comfort, security or quality of supply, and at an economic cost reflecting our customers’ needs and values. We have a balanced portfolio of innovation projects across three roadmaps; Future Customer, Climate Action and Network Resilience that broadly cover our ambition to deliver these new and improved services. For more information on these projects, please see the Innovation Projects on this website.

The electrification of heat, transport and our economy will see our customers adopting low carbon technologies such as Heat Pumps. Electric Vehicles and Microgeneration such as Solar PV.

For more information about how we are developing the network to enable electrification, and for details on the low carbon technologies enabling this transition, please click on the below spotlights.