Hands for Life - Community CPR Training

About Hands for Life

ESB Networks is proud to partner with the Irish Heart Foundation to support their Hands for Life programme. Hands for Life is a community CPR training programme, which offers free CPR training to communities across Ireland, to build a nation of lifesavers.

Every day in Ireland 13 people die from a cardiac arrest and around 70% of these happen at home. Unfortunately, just 6.5% of people in Ireland who have a cardiac arrest in a non-hospital setting survive. But CPR is an easy skill to learn and once you know how to do it, you could save someone's  life.

With Hands for Life, the Irish Heart Foundation, together with ESB Networks, is offering free CPR training courses in communities across Ireland from March 2019. In the next two years, we will train 100,000 people in the life-saving skill of CPR.

Join us and be part of a nation of lifesavers.

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Hands for Life training courses are being held in local communities throughout Ireland.

To find your nearest course, visit www.handsforlife.ie where you will find a list of all upcoming training courses.