What is Microgeneration?

Microgenerators are connected in to the low voltage distribution network and are rated up to and including:

  • 25 amperes (6kW) at low voltage [230 volt] when the connection is single-phase
  • 16 amperes(11kW) at low voltage [230/400 volt] when the connection is three-phase

How Will ESB Networks Facilitate the Increase in Microgeneration?

The anticipated increase of microgeneration on the network will create new challenges for the planning and operation of a distribution network that was originally designed for electricity to flow from large scale generation via the transmission and distribution network to our homes. We are developing new systems and solutions to cost effectively and sustainably facilitate the forecast increase in microgeneration and to accommodate the changes in power flows on the network. In June 2020, ESB Networks published a microgeneration framework consultation on our ESB Networks Publications

ESB Networks Publications:



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ESB Networks are trialing and developing new innovative solutions to manage the network with more real-time data, better visibility and intelligent control of our network. In order to inform our development of the network, we are engaging with communities to get a better understanding of their adoption and usage of microgeneration and its impact on the network.

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Innovation Projects

Transitioning to a Low-Carbon Energy System

As part of the Government’s Climate Action Plan (CAP) ESB Networks is working to deliver a network that will be capable of generating 70% of all electricity generation by renewables by 2030. This will require the connection of up to 14 GW of renewable generation to the transmission and distribution networks.

The CAP has identified microgeneration as a key technology that will enable this transition with more and more customers’ homes and businesses adopting low carbon renewable microgeneration technologies such as solar PV.

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