Beat the Peak - Commercial Active

What is Beat the Peak Commercial Active?

  • Beat the Peak Commercial Active is a financially incentivised initiative to encourage eligible commercial electricity users to reduce their electricity demand during specific times over the course of the winter 2022 period, Q4 2022- end of Q1 2023. 
  • If this initiative makes an impact on peak electricity demand, we hope to apply the learnings, scale up the scheme and run it again across winters 2023/2024 and 2024/ 2025. 


How will Beat the Peak Commercial Active work?

  • ESB Networks is contracting with eligible applicants such as Large Commercial Energy Users and specialised energy management companies (such as aggregators)*  for Beat the Peak Commercial Active.

At a high level the initiative will work as follows:  

  • Customers wishing to participate and who meet the eligibility criteria can either apply through a specialised energy management company (e.g. an aggregator) to become a Service Asset, or can apply directly with ESB Networks to become a Service Provider if they operate their own metered site with a Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN) that meets the eligibility criteria; 
  • For those applicants whose application is successful and are subsequently contracted as a Beat the Peak Commercial Active Service Provider or Service Asset, a baseline electricity demand profile will be set for each Service Asset. This will be based on historical demand data and provide a basis to compare your energy reduction against during the operation of Beat the Peak Commercial Active;  
  • Over the course of the winter at specific time periods, ESB Networks will issue notifications to contracted Service Providers, asking them to take action to notify their Service Assets to reduce their electricity demand during this specific period 
  • After the demand reduction event, each Service Provider’s Service Assets’ electricity demand during that period will be compared against their baseline, and for any reduction achieved relative to their baseline, Service Assets will receive a €0.444 per reduced kWh payment  
  • There will be no penalties if Service Assets cannot reduce their electricity demand. 
  • Service Providers and customers who have more than two sites participating in Beat the Peak Commercial Active, will receive an additional payment  
  • Payment to Service Assets and Service Providers will be processed to the contracted Service Provider. 

Please note that qualification for Beat the Peak Commercial Active this winter will not mean automatic qualification for any subsequent winters.   

*Due to competition rules ESB Networks  does not operate an approved list of a specialised energy management companies or aggregators .  [You could search these terms on the internet and you should get some options]  


Beat the Peak Commercial Active FAQs

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