Beat the Peak - An Overview

What is Beat the Peak?

This winter, as Ireland relies more on renewable electricity generation, the electricity system will be under pressure. Ireland has a plan to grow the contribution of wind and other renewable sources as we move towards a Net Zero future. However, wind can be variable and a shortage of back up generation means we face a heightened risk that the supply of power can keep pace with demand this winter. 

A number of Government bodies are working closely on measures to minimise the risk of disruption over the coming months. This risk is greatest at the peak times between 5pm and 7pm Monday to Friday.  

ESB Networks has set up initiatives under an umbrella Programme called ‘Beat the Peak’ to work with customers across homes and businesses to help beat the peak, i.e., encourage organisations to reduce electricity usage at peak time and support domestic customers in taking more control of their electricity usage. Take a look at some of our pilots: 

  • Beat the Peak - Domestic
  • Beat the Peak - Commercial Pledge
  • Beat the Peak - Commercial Daily
  • Beat the Peak - Commercial Active

Beat the Peak - Domestic

'Is This a Good Time?' pilot 

Our domestic 'Is This a Good Time?' pilot was set up to empower all electricity customers across Ireland to take control of their electricity usage this winter. Sign up to our pilot to receive customised hints and tips to help reduce your electricity usage at peak times. Information and actions in how to support during peak events (amber alerts) will also be a feature for registered participants.  

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Cláraigh anois

Beat the Peak - Commercial Pledge

This pilot has been set up to collaborate with as many small, medium and large commercial, semi-state & public sector entities to help them reduce electricity demand at peak hours. 

Organisations that sign up, will be asked to commit to a number of ‘pledged’ actions that they can implement in their organisation to reduce their electricity demand at peak times. These pledged actions could range from “adjusting thermostats in office spaces” to more complex actions such as “ensuring regular asset maintenance”. 

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Beat the Peak - Commercial Daily

This pilot has been set up to collaborate with commercial electricity customers to provide demand response capabilities.  Eligible commercial electricity customers will get paid for reducing their electricity demand between 4:30pm – 9pm on business days (Monday – Friday) between April 2023 and the end of September 2023. 

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Beat the Peak - Commercial Active

This pilot is being set up to collaborate with large energy users (LEUs) to help reduce electricity demand at peak hours. 

Contracted Large Energy Users will provide demand response capabilities through financial rewards to help us Beat the Peak this winter. 

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