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ECP-2 Decision CRU/20/060 – Capacity Release DSO Applications

As outlined in Section 2.9 of  the ECP-2 Decision paper, all projects contracted pre ECP-1 (but not those that folded into ECP-1) were given a final opportunity by ESB Networks and Eirgrid to terminate their connection agreement and release their full contracted MEC on the same terms and conditions for capacity release outlined in CER/16/284 (including 80% refund of first stage payment).

Please click the link below to view the full list of DSO Projects who availed of Final Capacity Release:

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Innovation Strategy Close Out Report - Intelligent Secondary Substation Monitoring (WinterPeak)

Decarbonisation of the electrical network will see a significant impact on the Low Voltage (LV) network with the increasing integration of Low Carbon Technologies (LCTs) such as heat pumps, solar PV and Electric Vehicles. The effect on the LV network as a consequence of the integration of these new technologies is not yet fully understood. To gain valuable knowledge of these technologies, ESB Networks are trialling a number of different innovative monitoring devices to fully understand what is required to effectively monitor the LV network.

Innovation Strategy Close Out Report - Intelligent Secondary Substation Monitoring (WinterPeak) | Download PDF | 1MB


Modification No. 43 Proposed Distribution Code structural changes to facilitate adoption of RfG (and subsequent) Network Codes

The CRU has approved Modification No. 43 of the Distribution Code. This modification proposal describes the proposed structural changes to the Code that will facilitate the inclusion of new and changed content driven by the adoption of the Requirements for Generators [RfG], in the first instance. Some of the proposed changes will also facilitate the adoption of parts of other Codes such as the Demand Connection Code, in due course.

Modification Proposal No. 43 | Download PDF | 150 KB

CRU Approval Letter of Modification No. 43 | Download PDF | 85 KB


ESB Networks Proposed Statement of Generator Standard Charges

ESB Networks carried out a review of the Generator Standard Charges and submitted the proposed new charges to CRU for approval which includes the removal of civil construction costs as standard charges.

The CRU continues to review the submission and expects to publish a consultation on the ESBN submission in Q4 2020.  

See link below to the proposed Generator Standard Charges submitted to CRU for approval and if approved, revised Generator Standard Charges are expected to be in place prior to the first ECP-2 offers being issued.

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All-island Network Code Stakeholder Forum Slideshow

The 8th All-island Network Code Stakeholder Forum took place on the 12th August 2020.This Forum provides information on changes to connection standards, European rules for the electricity market and grid operations, emergency procedures and on other areas of European electricity policy.

All-island Network Code Stakeholder Forum Slideshow | 1 MB


Electricity Transmission Performance Report 2018

This document is a joint TSO/TAO Report between EirGrid and ESB Networks which looks at our performance in developing, operating and maintaining the transmission system throughout 2018.

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