Fallen Electricity Wires

Fallen Electricity Wires

Poster - Fallen Electricity Wires are live and dangerous.  Never Approach or Touch.

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Safety Gun Club

Safety Poster Gun Club

Poster - Damage to Electricity Power Lines caused by Gun Shot

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Fishing Rod Cartoon

Fishing Safety Poster

Fishing Rod Cartoon Safety Poster

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Bunting Safety Ad

Bunting Safety Ad

Safety Poster - Never to use electricity poles or wires to display bunting.

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Metal Theft 2015

Metal Theft 2015 Campaign

Metal Theft 2015 Campaign Poster.

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ESB Networks Policy Statement on the Environment

In ESB Networks we recognise that our activities have environmental impacts and that it is our responsibility to manage these impacts in a manner that contributes to the sustainable development of our economy, and provides a high level of protection for our natural environment. To view more on environmental policy please download this document.

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Guide to European Communities Regulations 2007 - 2014

Under the European Communities (Access to Information on the Environment) Regulations 2007-2011 (the Regulations) you are entitled to request access to information on the environment that is held by ESB.

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ESB Group Policy Statement on Environmental Management and Sustainability

This Policy is a statement of the commitment of ESB Group in conducting our activities and those of our subsidiary companies in an environmentally responsible manner. This policy statement commits ESB Group to comply with all statutory and regulatory environmental legislation pertaining to our business operations.

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Contestability on the Distribution System - Key Principles and Processes Paper

The purpose of this paper is for ESB Networks DAC. to set out the principles under which contestability will operate at the Distribution level and as directed under CER/10/056.

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Connection Offer Policy and Process Paper

The purpose and intention of the paper is to provide applicants seeking to connect with a clear set of guidelines in relation to connection offer policy. The policies outlined in this paper generally apply to all categories of renewable and non-renewable generators unless stated otherwise.

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