Gate 2 Connection Offers - Timeline and Direction

This document sets out the timeline and the process for roll-out of offers to Gate 2 Groups.

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Line impedance data for 38 Kilovolt

This document lists the line impedance data for 38 Kilovolt.

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Mast Compensation Payment instruction form

Payments for mast interference are made by electronic fund transfer direct to your bank account. Complete this form and send to the appropriate address to receive your payment.

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Distribution Asset Owner License (DAO)

This document lists the conditions with which ESB Networks must comply in order to discharge its functions as Distribution System Owner (DAO).

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Pay As You Go Meter

Pay As You Go Meter

This document will provide you with all the relevant information you need to know about your pay as you go meter.

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Contracted Wind Farms

This document contains statistical information on all Contracted Wind Farm generators  to the distribution system and is updated every quarter.

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Tree and vegetation trimming

This document provides customers with information on ESB's tree and vegetation trimming programme.

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Conditions Governing Connection to the Distribution System

This document sets out the conditions for connecting a premises to the electricity distribution system at Medium Voltage or 38 Kilovolts (kV).

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Connection to a Single Domestic Dwelling or Farm Premises Application (NC2)

This application form is for domestic customers wishing to apply for a connection to the electricity distribution system  for a singe house (urban or rural), farm premises that use loads less than or equal to 29kVa or a family apartment.

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Large Business Quotation Letter

A quotation letter which accompanies and forms part of a Standard Connection Agreement  when a new or modified connection to a demand only customer requires a payment of a capital contribution.

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