Apprenticeship pdf

This pdf contains information about entry requirements for an Electrical/Network Technician Apprenticeship in ESB Networks . It also has details on interview tips and how to apply.

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Modification No. 44 - 1.1 pu Clarification and Adoption of Declared Supply Voltage

The most recent version of EN 50160, introduced the new parameter of “Declared Supply Voltage”. The voltage at the Connection Point shall be kept within +/- 10% of these values. Up to now, these parameters had not been defined.

Effective Date 11/10/2018


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Modification No. 45 - Met Signal Requirements

Proposed to remain aligned with a similar Grid Code modification. The modification is proposed to give WFPS the opportunity to discuss acceptable alternative sources for the provision of met data signals.

Effective Date 06/11/2018

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Modification No. 41- DCRP Class Derogation

The CRU has approved Modification No. 41 of the Distribution Code. The purpose of this Modification is to allow the relevant System Operators or Distribution Code Review Panel to propose class derogations to the CRU, rather than requiring each individual affected party to make a bespoke application.

Effective Date 10/10/2017

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DCRP Minutes 27th June 2018

Minutes of Distribution Code Review Panel Meeting of 27th June 2018 


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EV Pilot Project Report

Pilot Project Report Summary on Preparing for Electric Vehicle on the Irish Distribution System

EV Pilot Project Report | 1.3MB

Senior level lesson 5

Understand the dangers of electricity and how to stay safe while outdoors.

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Junior level Lesson 5

Understand the dangers of electricity and how to stay safe while outdoors.

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Application for Relocation of Pole or Line (NW1)

This application form is for customers who wish to apply to relocate a pole or line.

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DSO Completed Applications list 03.08.2018

DSO Completed Applications list 03.08.2018

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