FlexTech, Hybrid Working Group - Multiple Legal Entities Response to Consultation

Dear Customer and Stakeholder,

As part of the Hybrid Working Group under the FlexTech initiative, EirGrid and ESB Networks have today published the response to consultation on potential contractual options for Multiple Legal Entities sharing a single connection point.

Hybrids present an opportunity for both System Operators (SO) and industry to maximise the use of existing network assets and increase capacity factors, with the potential to improve security of supply. While it is currently possible to obtain a Connection Agreement for a Hybrid site or unit and connect to the network, the SOs under the Hybrid working group are investigating  the issue of one customer, one connection point in relation to Multiple Legal Entities behind one connection point. If this can be implemented in a manner that works for the SOs and for industry, this may help to maximise the use of transmission and distribution infrastructure and assist in delivering our 2030 targets.

The documents outlines the key areas of feedback received from stakeholders and the SOs next steps. To view ESB Networks’ response to this consultation click here.


Interim standard guideline clearances for Solar Farm to DSO overhead network

Interim guideline clearances for Solar Farm to DSO Overhead Network|Download PDF 321 KB


Coolnabacky Substation Report


The attached Independent comprehensive hydrogeological and hydrological review of the proposed Coolnabackey Substation found the proposed development will not impact on local water sources posing "no significant risk" and corroborating previous studies undertaken. 

Coolnabacky-report-issue-16-2-21 | Download PDF 699 KB

2019 APR Cover

ESB Networks Distribution Annual Performance Report 2019

The report covers the performance of ESB Networks’ Distribution Business for the year ending December 2019.

Download PDF | 3 MB

Electricity Transmission Performance Report 2019

This document is a joint TAO/TSO report between ESB Networks and EirGrid which looks at our performance in developing, operating and maintaining the transmission system throughout 2019.

Download PDF | 1 MB
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Guide to Connecting your Community-led Renewable Energy Project to the Electricity Network

This guide has been prepared by ESB Networks to support customers in connecting a community-led renewable energy project to the electricity network. The objective is to provide our customers with helpful information relating to the ECP-2 connection process and the policies that underpin community-led renewable energy projects.

Download PDF | 860 KB

For further queries, please contact our Community-Led Renewable Energy Liaison Panel at


2020 Batch (ECP-2.1) Results - Joint SO_Publication_January 2021

Final Results ECP-2 Category A Batch. 

Download PDF | 364 KB


2020 Batch (ECP-2.1) Category B & C Results - Non-Batch and Community-led

Final Results for successful ECP-2.1 Category B and Category C applicants. 

Download PDF | 411 KB


Meter Signals for Customer Energy Management System (EMS)

Meter Signals for Customer Energy Management System | Download pdf 240KB

NT with multi meter in switch rm

ESB Networks Annual Performance Report 2018

The report covers the performance of ESB Networks’ Distribution Business for the year ending December 2018.

Download PDF | 3 MB