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Senior Lesson Plan 3 - Electricity - conductors and insulators

Understand the concept of electrical conductors and insulators.

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Junior Lesson Plan 4 - The dangers of electricity

Identify how to stay safe with electricity in the local environment.

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Junior Lesson Plan 3 - The Journey of electricity

Explore, in simple terms, the journey of electricity from a Power Station to our homes and schools.

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Stay Safe, Stay Clear VIDEO

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DSO completed Applications list 31.08.2017 Excel Spreadsheet

DSO Completed Applications list 31.08.2017

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Safe Construction with Electricity

This booklet provides important safety and customer service information to help you stay safe when working near electricity networks and to explain key steps when you require services from ESB Networks. 

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How you can avoid hitting electrical cables when digging and drilling

This booklet provides guidelines that apply to all work that involves penetrating the ground at or below surface level where there maybe ESB Networks cables or privately owned cables.

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Public Safety Strategy 2017-2020

Public Safety Strategy and Action Plan 2017-2020.  Educating the public to act safely near electricity.  Download PDF | 2MB

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ESB Networks Performance Report 2015

The report covers the performance of ESB Networks’ Business for the year ending December 2015

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