Investment Planning and Delivery Report 2018

This document is a joint TSO/TAO Report between EirGrid and ESB Networks which looks at our performance in planning investments and ultimately delivering transmission system projects in 2018.

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Assessment of the scope for higher penetrations of distributed generation on the LV distribution network

ESB Networks is committed to enabling the move towards a low carbon future by enabling technologies and facilitating our customers' transition to a low carbon future.   Our latest report focuses on microgeneration.  Read more here   Assessment of the scope for higher penetrations of distributed generation on the low volage distribution network | Download PDF 8MB


DSO Capacity Release Form

On the 10th June 2020, the Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU) published a  Decision Paper - Enduring Connection Policy Stage 2 (ECP-2) CRU/20/060 (the “CRU Decision Paper”), following a CRU Consultation - Enduring Connection Policy Stage 2 (ECP-2) - Proposed Decision CRU/19/143. 

As directed by the CRU, this standard application form has been published to facilitate the implementation of Section 2.9 of the CRU Decision Paper. This application form should not be used for any other purpose. 

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38kV & 110kV Station Special Load Readings 2018/2019

38kv & 110kV Station Special Load Readings 2018/2019 | Download PDF 4 MB

Special Load Readings (SLR) are a coincident set of measurements of simultaneous load for all distribution substations. The readings are recorded for 4 times annually as follows:

  • Winter: Measure at 12.30 and 18.00 hours on second Thursday in December. If the second Thursday in December is the 8th then the measurements are taken on the following Tuesday, December 13th.
  • Summer Peak: Measured at 12.30 hours on the fourth Thursday in June.
  • Summer Valley: Measured at 06.00 hours on the Sunday preceding the early August Monday Public Holiday.

Expression of Interest for Partnering with ESB Networks on P2P Energy Trial

ESB Networks is seeking Expressions of Interest from domestic electricity suppliers to become a partner on a Peer-to-Peer Energy trial as part of the Dingle demonstration project.  The final date for submission of Expressions of Interest is 3rd July 2020 and ESB Networks intends to have selected its preferred partner by end July, with the trial commencing from September 2020. 

Update Please note that the period for the submission of Expressions of Interest is now closed.

Request for Expressions of Interest for Partnering with ESB Networks on P2P Energy Trial | Download PDF 1 MB



Public Consultation on Microgeneration Framework

Background and Process

At ESB Networks, we are committed to putting the needs of our customers at the heart of everything we do. ESB Networks seeks to proactively contribute to Ireland’s decarbonisation targets and we are committed to enabling and empowering our customers as they transition towards the greater use of low carbon technologies.

To help us facilitate this transition and to best meet our customers’ needs, we are now seeking your comments and feedback, through our Public Consultation regarding Microgeneration.

Through the Microgeneration Framework we aim to inform our customers on the area of microgeneration and further examine the options available to facilitate their transformation from consumers of electricity to possible electricity prosumers.


Consultation Question

As part of ESB Networks’ ongoing collaboration and communication with our customers, there are a series of questions within the Microgeneration Framework where we welcome your feedback.

Microgeneration Framework Consultation | Download PDF | 11MB


Consultation Update

Please note that the consultation period for this framework document is now closed.


Standard Prices for Generator Connections

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DCRP Minutes 25th October 2019

Minutes of Distribution Code Review Panel Meeting of 25th October 2019

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