Summary of Standard Specification for ESB Networks MV/LV Ducting

This document summarizes the specification for standard underground ducting for use on ESB Networks' System.

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Supplemental Application for Modifications to Generation Connection Offers

This application form should be completed if your project is being processed within the group processing approach GPA, and you wish the system operators to use assumed project data rather than specific project data provided by you.

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System Operation

Operational roles and responsibilities for system operators and users under normal conditions. The detailed requirements are being developed and will be transferred into our existing Distribution Code. This code includes outage planning and data exchange.

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System Security Planning Standards

This document establishes the standards for distribution system security and planning (in accordance with Condition 11 of the Distribution System Operator's licence).

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Safe Use of Electricity in the Home

The Safe use of electricity in the home

This booklet provides safety tips and instructions on how to use electricity safely in you home.

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Transmission Asset Owner (TSO) Licence

This document lists out the conditions with which ESB Networks must comply in order to discharge its functions as Transmission Asset Owner (TSO).

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Tree and vegetation trimming

This document provides customers with information on ESB's tree and vegetation trimming programme.

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