Rules for Application of Transactional Charges for Additional Services to Use of System

On an annual basis, CER approves these charges to apply for services carried out on foot of special requests made by Suppliers. This document outlines the rules for applying such charges.

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Safe Construction with Electricity

This booklet provides important safety and customer service information to help you stay safe when working near electricity networks and to explain key steps when you require services from ESB Networks. 

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Safety Competition Terms & Conditions

Safety Competition Terms and Conditions

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Safety Competition Poster Tips

Safety Competition Top Tips for Creating your Poster

Safety Competition Top Tips for Creating your Poster.

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Safety Gun Club

Safety Poster Gun Club

Poster - Damage to Electricity Power Lines caused by Gun Shot

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Safety Tips

Electricity Safety Tips – Are you sure it’s safe.  Safety Tips from ESB Networks for Farmers, Builders, homeowners.

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Safety Waste Truck

Safety Waste truck Look Around You It could save your life

Poster - Making contact with overhead electricity wires or even coming close puts you at serious risk of injury or death from electrocution.

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Schedule of Operation and Maintenance Charges

This document outlines the Operation and Maintenance Charges that apply to Generators, Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and Auto-producer customers.

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