Mast Compensation Claim Form

This form is for customers that want to apply for compensation as a result of steel electricity masts or double wood poles that are an interfering (Mast Interference) with normal farming practices.

Download PDF | 1 MB


Mast Compensation Payment instruction form

Payments for mast interference are made by electronic fund transfer direct to your bank account. Complete this form and send to the appropriate address to receive your payment.

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Metal Theft 2015

Metal Theft 2015 Campaign

Metal Theft 2015 Campaign Poster.

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Metering Code for the Single Electricity Market

This code specifies the minimum technical, design and operational criteria to be complied with for all commercial metering and data collection equipment, as well as the associated procedures.

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Meter Reading Sheet ESB Iskra MT 173

Meter Reading Sheet for Electronic Business Meter type Iskra MT173.

Download PDF | 120 KB


Meter Reading Sheet for ESB_ABB GEC PPM Meter

Meter Reading Sheet for Electronic Business Meter type ABB GEC PPM Meter.

Download PDF | 79 KB


Meter Reading Sheet for ESB_ABB Vision Elster A1700

Meter Reading Sheet for Electronic Business Meter type ABB Vision Elster A1700.

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Meter Reading Sheet for ESB_Elster A1140 A1120

Meter Reading Sheet for Electronic Business Meter type Elster All40/A1120.

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Public Consultation on Microgeneration Framework

Background and Process

At ESB Networks, we are committed to putting the needs of our customers at the heart of everything we do. ESB Networks seeks to proactively contribute to Ireland’s decarbonisation targets and we are committed to enabling and empowering our customers as they transition towards the greater use of low carbon technologies.

To help us facilitate this transition and to best meet our customers’ needs, we are now seeking your comments and feedback, through our Public Consultation regarding Microgeneration.

Through the Microgeneration Framework we aim to inform our customers on the area of microgeneration and further examine the options available to facilitate their transformation from consumers of electricity to possible electricity prosumers.


Consultation Question

As part of ESB Networks’ ongoing collaboration and communication with our customers, there are a series of questions within the Microgeneration Framework where we welcome your feedback.

Microgeneration Framework Consultation | Download PDF | 11MB


Next Steps

The consultation period will run for four weeks and will close on Friday, June 26th 2020.

We ask that you please send your comments to

PLEASE NOTE: ESB Networks may publish responses that we receive, should you not want your response published, please mark your response as confidential.