Distribution Loss Adjustment Factors

ESB submission to the Commission for Electricity Regulation.  This document sets out ESB Networks' methodology for calculating Distribution Loss Adjustment factors. These will be used to apportion distribution losses to kWh consumption metered at end-user sites.

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Staff Compliance Code of Conduct

Staff Compliance Code of Conduct

ESB Staff Compliance Code of Conduct. 2010

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System Security Planning Standards

This document establishes the standards for distribution system security and planning (in accordance with Condition 11 of the Distribution System Operator's licence).

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Description of Characteristics of Connection – DUoS and MCC Codes

This document explains the Distribution Use of System (DuoS) and Meter Configuration (MCC) codes that appear in ESB Networks' Connection Agreements.

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Senior level lesson 5

Understand the dangers of electricity and how to stay safe while outdoors.

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Junior Lesson Plan 3 - The Journey of electricity

Explore, in simple terms, the journey of electricity from a Power Station to our homes and schools.

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Expression of Interest for Partnering with ESB Networks on P2P Energy Trial

ESB Networks is seeking Expressions of Interest from domestic electricity suppliers to become a partner on a Peer-to-Peer Energy trial as part of the Dingle demonstration project.  The final date for submission of Expressions of Interest is 3rd July 2020 and ESB Networks intends to have selected its preferred partner by end July, with the trial commencing from September 2020. 

Update Please note that the period for the submission of Expressions of Interest is now closed.

Request for Expressions of Interest for Partnering with ESB Networks on P2P Energy Trial | Download PDF 1 MB