General Conditions for Connection of Industrial and Commercial Customers and Generators to the Distribution System

This document sets out the conditions for connecting a premises to the electricity distribution system for loads greater than or equal to 100 Kilovolt Amps (kVA).

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General Specification for Business Low Voltage (LV) Underground Service

This document outlines the general specification for business low voltage (LV) underground service.

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Generator Connections - Complaints Procedure

This document outlines the procedure you need to take if you have a complaint about your Connection Offer or other aspects of your Generation connection to the Distribution System.

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Generator Developers Information Pack

This document is issued by ESB Networks as a guide to Developers of generation projects to give an understanding of the connection process for both Non-Contestable and Contestable Generator projects.

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Safety Harvest Cutting

Grain Harvest Cutting

Poster  - Grain Harvest Cutting -  Making contact with overhead electricity wires or even coming close puts you at serious risk of injury or death from electrocution.

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Guidelines for costs and applicability of EGIP (Embedded Generation Interface Protection).

This documents presents Guidelines for costs and applicability of EGIP (Embedded Generation Interface Protection).

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Guidelines for Metering Cabinets

This document details  the requirements and specifications for Metering Cabinets.

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Guide to Connecting your Community-led Renewable Energy Project to the Electricity Network

This guide has been prepared by ESB Networks to support customers in connecting a community-led renewable energy project to the electricity network. The objective is to provide our customers with helpful information relating to the ECP-2 connection process and the policies that underpin community-led renewable energy projects.

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For further queries, please contact our Community-Led Renewable Energy Liaison Panel at


Guide to European Communities Regulations 2007 - 2014

Under the European Communities (Access to Information on the Environment) Regulations 2007-2011 (the Regulations) you are entitled to request access to information on the environment that is held by ESB.

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