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Activity Sheet Senior 2

Activity Sheet Senior 2  

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Application for Relocation of Pole or Line (NW1)

This application form is for customers who wish to apply to relocate a pole or line.

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Junior level Lesson 5

Understand the dangers of electricity and how to stay safe while outdoors.

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ESB Networks Stakeholder Engagement Report 2019

Public Consultation - ESB Networks Stakeholder Engagement Report 2019

Background and Process

ESB Networks is required to submit an annual report on its stakeholder engagement strategy and activities to enable the Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU) to assess and score ESB Networks on the quality, good implementation and effectiveness of its stakeholder strategy in the previous year. This is detailed in the CRU decision paper Reporting and Incentives under PR4, (CER/18/087).

The purpose of this consultation is to seek feedback from our stakeholders on our engagement activities in 2019, as detailed in the report titled ‘ESB Networks Stakeholder Engagement Report 2019’.

Consultation Question

Do you have any comments on the ESB Networks Stakeholder Engagement Report 2019?

As part of ESB Networks’ ongoing collaboration and communication with our stakeholders, we wish to hear your views on ESB Networks’ stakeholder engagement activities. We welcome any feedback that you may have.

ESB Networks Stakeholder Engagement Report 2019 | Download PDF | 12MB

Next Steps

The consultation period will run for four weeks and will close at 5pm on Friday, 1st May.

We ask that you please send your comments to

PLEASE NOTE: ESB Networks may publish responses that we receive, should you not want your response published, please mark your response as confidential


Summary of Standard Specification for ESB Networks 38kV Ducting

This document summarises the specification for standard underground ducting for use on ESB Networks' System.

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Joint DSO TSO Fees & Process for Connection Offer Modification

This document outlines a revised process for dealing with modification requests and the fees chargeable to the customer (Section 3) when applying for modifications to Connection Offers issued by either ESB Networks, in its role as the DSO, or EirGrid, in its role as the TSO (together known as the "System Operators or SOs").

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Distribution Loss Adjustment Factors

ESB submission to the Commission for Electricity Regulation.  This document sets out ESB Networks' methodology for calculating Distribution Loss Adjustment factors. These will be used to apportion distribution losses to kWh consumption metered at end-user sites.

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