Helping your read your meter

Helping you read your meter

This document will show you how to read your electricity meter and submit a reading.

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Mast Compensation Claim Form

This form is for customers that want to apply for compensation as a result of steel electricity masts or double wood poles that are an interfering (Mast Interference) with normal farming practices.

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Mast Compensation Payment instruction form

Payments for mast interference are made by electronic fund transfer direct to your bank account. Complete this form and send to the appropriate address to receive your payment.

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Emergency Services Job Aid Presentation

Presentation for the Emergency Services dealing with the hazard of electricity.

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Emergency Services Job Aid

Job Aid for the Emergency Services dealing with the hazard of electricity.

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External Wall Insulation Guide for Householders and Installers

External Wall Insulation.  Guidelines for Homeowners and Contractors on ESB Networks Requirements and charges.

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Code of Practice for Avoiding Danger from Overhead Electricity Lines

The aim of this code of practice is to improve the level of safety of work near overhead electricity lines and, in doing so, to assist those who are involved in working in the vicinity of overhead electricity lines in avoiding the inherent dangers.

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Tree and vegetation trimming

This document provides customers with information on ESB's tree and vegetation trimming programme.

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Guidebook for Housing Schemes

Electrical Services Guidebook for Housing Schemes

This document provides a guide to the requirements of ESB Networks in relation to electricity installations in housing schemes.

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Connection to a Single Domestic Dwelling or Farm Premises Application (NC2)

This application form is for domestic customers wishing to apply for a connection to the electricity distribution system  for a singe house (urban or rural), farm premises that use loads less than or equal to 29kVa or a family apartment.

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