New Generator Connection Application (NC5A)

This form should be completed by customers who want a new generator connected to the distribution system.

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External Wall Insulation Guide for Householders and Installers

External Wall Insulation.  Guidelines for Homeowners and Contractors on ESB Networks Requirements and charges.

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National Code of Practice

National Code of Practice

This document explains the arrangements that exist at the interface point between the electricity network and customers' equipment for a range of electricity connection situations.

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Meter Reading Sheet for ESB_Elster A1140 A1120

Meter Reading Sheet for Electronic Business Meter type Elster All40/A1120.

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Meter Reading Sheet ESB Iskra MT 173

Meter Reading Sheet for Electronic Business Meter type Iskra MT173.

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Code of Practice in relation to access to land and/or premises

This document provides landowners with information about their rights when dealing with ESB Networks when needing entry to land or premises.

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New or Changed Unmetered Connections Application (includes public lighting) (NC4)

This application form is for customers who wish to apply for a connection to the electricity distribution system for unmetered connections.  See further information below on when to use this Application Form.

  • Unmetered public lighting of less than 2 Kilovolt-Amperes (kVA) for a Local Authority or builder/developer,
  • Unmetered electric loads (not public lighting) of less than 2 Kilovolt-Amperes (kVA) for customers with connection points, e.g. traffic lights, bus shelters,
  • Unmetered electric loads (not public lighting) of less than 2 Kilovolt-Amperes (kVA) for customers with a single connection point, e.g. electric fences.

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Information Memorandum Longstep Dates for Generation Connection Agreements

This information memorandum clarifies when the right to terminate a Connection Agreement will be enforced.

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Electrical Hazards Overhead Lines

Avoid electrical hazards when working near overhead electric lines

Accidents are caused by failure to take all practicable precautions to prevent accidental contact with live overhead electrical lines.  Recommended methods and procedures are set out in this booklet which, if adopted, will provide a positive approach to the elimination of these tragedies.

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Your Meter Cabinet

ESB Networks Your Meter Cabinet

This document outlines the specification for standard non-scheme domestic underground services to an outdoor meter cabinet.

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