Distribution Annual Compliance Report 2010

This Report outlines the activities undertaken by ESB Networks DAC in relation to the implementation of the Compliance Programme during 2010.

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Safe Use of Electricity in the Home

The Safe use of electricity in the home

This booklet provides safety tips and instructions on how to use electricity safely in you home.

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Schedule of Operation and Maintenance Charges

This document outlines the Operation and Maintenance Charges that apply to Generators, Combined Heat and Power (CHP) and Auto-producer customers.

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Customer Service Improvement

Customer Service Improvement Plan 2013 – 2016

This Customer Service Improvement Plan 2013-2016 complements and strengthens the Customer Charter. It reaffirms our commitment to the delivery of high quality services that meet your needs in a cost effective manner.

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Always Dial Before You Dig - Danger

Poster - Always Dial Before You Dig.  Avoid the dangers of underground electricity cables.

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Senior Lesson Plan 1 - Static Electricity

Teaching Resources - Senior Lesson Plan 1 - Static Electricity

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ESB Group Policy Statement on Environmental Management and Sustainability

This Policy is a statement of the commitment of ESB Group in conducting our activities and those of our subsidiary companies in an environmentally responsible manner. This policy statement commits ESB Group to comply with all statutory and regulatory environmental legislation pertaining to our business operations.

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Conditions for connection to the Distribution System for Customers less than 100kVA

This document sets out the conditions for connecting a premises to the electricity distribution system for loads of less than 100 Kilovolt Amps (kVA).

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Large Business Deemed Letter

A letter which accompanies and forms part of a Standard Connection Agreement (SCA) deeming the Agreement to be accepted if the customer continues to use the connection.

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New Connection or Increased/Reduced Capacity (MIC) Application (NC3)

This Application Form is for business customers wishing to apply for a connection to the electricity distribution system for the following:

  • A single commercial/industrial unit
  • Mixed multiple connections, e.g. traffic lights, bus shelters
  • An increase or decrease in your current level of supply (Maximum Import Capacity)
  • Farm premises that use loads of greater than or equal to 30 Kilovolt-Amperes (kVA).

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