Large Business Deemed Letter

A letter which accompanies and forms part of a Standard Connection Agreement (SCA) deeming the Agreement to be accepted if the customer continues to use the connection.

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New Connection or Increased/Reduced Capacity (MIC) Application (NC3)

This Application Form is for business customers wishing to apply for a connection to the electricity distribution system for the following:

  • A single commercial/industrial unit
  • Mixed multiple connections, e.g. traffic lights, bus shelters
  • An increase or decrease in your current level of supply (Maximum Import Capacity)
  • Farm premises that use loads of greater than or equal to 30 Kilovolt-Amperes (kVA).

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Emergency Services Job Aid

Job Aid for the Emergency Services dealing with the hazard of electricity.

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Energised Connected Non-Wind Generators

This document contains statistical information on all Energised Non-Wind Farm generators to the distribution system and is updated every quarter.

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Meter Reading Sheet for ESB_ABB GEC PPM Meter

Meter Reading Sheet for Electronic Business Meter type ABB GEC PPM Meter.

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Transmission Asset Owner (TSO) Licence

This document lists out the conditions with which ESB Networks must comply in order to discharge its functions as Transmission Asset Owner (TSO).

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Line impedance data for Medium Voltage

This document lists the line impedance data for Medium Voltage.

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Customer Connection Method Sub Group Meetings Schedule

The customer connection method sub-group meetings are the primary connection method discussion vehicle for customers, this document is a revised schedule for these meetings.

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Correspondence from ESB Networks with regard to connection methods

This correspondence sets out the deadlines within which connection method suggestions have to be submitted to the System Operators (SO's) to ensure that they can be included in connection method studies.

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Meter Reading Sheet for ESB_ABB Vision Elster A1700

Meter Reading Sheet for Electronic Business Meter type ABB Vision Elster A1700.

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